Our initial aim is to recycle as much product as possible using criteria / environmental guidelines provided by Government to Recycle, for example via local authorities, charitable donations to foundations requiring furniture etc. Also to provide where possible, donations to organisations arranging for transportation to third world countries.

We aim to liaise with Embassies interested in the provision of second user recyclable products to ensure as much re-use of furniture to end user.

Recycling of components not able to find end user use

Our proposal will involve the stripping of all metal components to be separated and loaded onto vehicles and taken to EMR metal recycling depot.

We aim to use companies in local areas wherever possible to reduce emissions, fuel consumption etc., and to retain employment within the area.

Monies received can either be offset against project costs, or split to allocate against project cost plus donate percentage to charity or charities of your choice, whichever you find most acceptable. Supporting tonnage documentation will be provided.

Fabric from screening can be sorted and bundled ready to be recycled at local depot and this will be carried out following clearance.

We have the ability to granulate-in house-the plastic products from furniture and the resulting product donated to charities and local authorities for playground use, arenas, nursery areas etc.

All wood products, i.e. desk tops, pedestals and cupboards, will have all metal and plastic components stripped and this will then be granulated in house, and the resulting product will be recycled to various outlets.

Worktops / pedestals and cupboards will be stripped of all plastic and metal screws, fittings etc., and then removed from floor-out of hours-and transported to our depot where it will be cut into strips capable of being placed through our wood mulcher which will result in wood shavings.

We are currently liasing with three wood recycling depots for re use as animal bedding. We have undertaken this exercise by providing them with samples of the mulched product.

When this has been delivered to the wood recycling depot we will provide the relevant paperwork. We do not envisage any monies being received for this product. Screens can be dismantled of all metal edging.


Fabric will be removed from panel and bundled and taken to one of several recycling points for cloth to be reused in third world countries. Wood panel will be sent to be recycled.

Plastic Products will be separated and transported for mulching for re use as various products within recreational use i.e., all weather sand schools for horse riding facilities.

There will be no monies received for this product but the relevant paperwork will be provided from recycling depot.

Metal product will be removed from standard workstation and all size of cupboards, i.e. metal skis, fittings, beamwork pullout shelves, metal bases for pedestals, metal runners and drawerMetal edging from screens.

All metal product will be transported to Depot and recycled. All vehicle registrations, weight dockets etc., will be copied and logged for audit purposes.